Today was a very good day for Team Hoosier. We woke up and had our hour with God, and then debriefed about our day at Happy Hearts Camp yesterday. Though we don’t understand why there are kids with special needs, it was encouraging to see that each kid was happy in their own way, which made us look at the happiness in our lives. We then heard a teaching time on kindness by TK, and the students learned that kindness can be shown by their actions along with their voice. 

After our teaching time we packed up our stuff and said goodbye to Grace Polaris Church. We then headed to Hilliard OH to help an organization called “Son Ministries” and put on an OB Program for all of the kids that attended. It was a great opportunity to have fun and share Jesus with the kids. We believe that there was a party in heaven today because through doing the “cross illustration”, Sophia Kalinke was able to share Christ with a little boy and girl, and by the grace of God she was able to lead both to the Lord!!!!!! There were many other opportunities that our students had with kids today, and God moved in big ways.

We then packed up and headed for Kendalville Indiana, and enjoyed another long bus ride together. Upon arriving we met with the Legacy Church staff, and got to work. We divided up into 3 teams, and began to tear up the place. We help start to renovate a new youth center for the local community and church. We tore up carpet, ripped off old wallpaper and cleaned the place up. Though the building doesn’t look finished, it was a good start to help the staff out with this massive project. The Lord did great things today through our team, and He deserves all the glory because of the free “gift” that Jesus gave to us, our students were able to share that gift with 2 little kids, that now have eternal life in Christ Jesus. Please continue to pray for Team Hoosier, and pray that God will continue to do great things. 

Team Hoosier OUT!

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