Team East – Happy Tay-Day: The Birthday Blog 2.0 – July 7th



Today was the great leader Taylor’s birthday, in case you were wondering. This blog is dedicated to the greatness of Taylor, because, like this blog, she is great. Today, Taylor was showered with gifts of encouragement, cake, cards, and some sort of funnel that the students thought was a funny gift. Kids, am I right? They’re great.

But we did other stuff today! Day three at StreetWise (I think it’s the third day?) was full of more teaching and more outreach! Students spent some time this morning having a teaching time led by TK. It was great.

Day three followed a similar schedule to the first two days. There was a morning session over different people groups. After that, groups split up and headed out for lunch and outreach. The groups flip flopped the areas that they went to yesterday, and a lot initiated into spiritual conversations. It was also great.

There was a lot of down time in between meals and sessions, which is what most of the evening consisted of. Students got to walk around the streets and have conversations with locals. They also just got to spend time with each other and others involved with StreetWise this week. This was great.

Some evening outreach opportunities were provided, where students could either go play basketball at a local park, or they could canvass for Urban Hope’s upcoming block party. These opportunities were just great.

The final great activity of the night was a team meeting led by the students. The team was able to spend some time talking about their summer and how to transition home amongst each other and apart from the lame leaders (sans Taylor because she’s great, obviously). This time was, in a word, great.

Though much could be said about this day (although not really because it was pretty simple), it can be summarized as this: Great. And if you could also please pray for us that would be great too. The end.

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East ladies hang out in the dorms

East ladies hang out in the dorms