Florida – July 21 ‘Ya Know What’s Good for You? Wheat-on.

Today’s blog is brought to you by the lovely Marena Mills and Kalli Schaefer 🙂

‘Twas an early morning at our short stop at Winona Lake Grace Brethren. The students woke up early this morning to pack up, eat breakfast and get showered. We then made our way to Wheaton, Illinois for Momentum Youth Conference! The couple hours on the bus were spent in an hour with God and having some final team time before Momentum. When we arrived we unloaded everything and went to be reunited with the Northeast team! We then paired ourselves with someone from the other team and took a 45 minute prayer walk around campus praying for the campus and God’s work while we’re here. We then met for debriefing and learned how to take the things we’ve learned here, home. Then, we got dressed up and went out for our final dinner as a team. The Florida Team went to Giordanos and had some pizza. Pretty good pizza if you ask me! As we ventured back to campus we had foot washing, and communion. Our dinner represented the feast part of communion. Afterward our leader Brandon had some wise words to share. After, we had team time while the leaders finished the final exit interviews. During that time, we had an encouragement circle. Then, we all headed outside for our final wrap on tour. We all lit a candle and gave ourselves goals for once we head home next Sunday.                                                                                           FUN FACT #1: We traveled 5,075 miles in the big blue bus we nicknamed Bertha!                                                                                                           FUN FACT #2: Kalli’s eaten approx. 220 cookies this summer                                                                                                                              FUN FACT #3: On tour we’ve had over 100 head smacks on our bus shelfs                                                                                                      FUN FACT #4: Our leader Josh L. laughs like the Pillsbury dough boy. Legit.

Please join us in prayer this week. We’re praying to see God show up this week and work in everyone’s heart. And shout out to all the moms out there. We love you 😉

Now, we have a fun haiku for you.

OB just began

We find ourselves in the sand

Now we’re going home


Josh’s Final Word

Thanks for keeping up with the blog and loving on our students through prayer. It’s been a joy to see the students help me write this and contribute on these long nights – even if their puns are a little bit of a stretch. They are an encouragement to the leaders and are ready to get back to their respective homes to be an encouragement there as well. We covet your continued prayer for this week as students are reunited to their youth groups here at Momentum. As of 9am tomorrow morning, registration begins and the OB teams are separated into their home churches – then tour is officially counted as “finished.” By 11:30am they will be helping other churches move in as they wait for their own to arrive at conference. That being said, this is the final blog. Until next year!


On our way to Wheaton!

On our way to Wheaton!