OBI- July 18- Home Sweet Home!

Everyone has made it through our long flight, customs, immigration, ticket counters, security, and many goodbyes! We are now all sitting at our individual gates or in the homes of those who picked us up and everyone is en route to their own homes! Though there are many emotions of sadness as we loved our time in the Philippines, each person is ready to be at home and see those who love us the most.

Thank you for your prayers over the past three weeks! God has done a lot in and through the members of OBI this summer. We know that we could not have done it without the financial and prayer support from each of you! Thank you for playing a huge role into the impact we left in the Philippines and the lives we touched. Each of us are excited to share with you about our experiences and what we learned- You just might want to give us a few hours to try and overcome this jetlag! Thank you again 🙂

With much love,

Jade for OBI 2014

Excited to be back on American ground!

Excited to be back on American ground!