Today was another eventful day and we got a lot accomplished! Continued to practice all of the programing stuff, but we got the opportunity to go the Asian mall and experience some different cultures and talk with people shopping there.  They had some neat opportunities to ask some good questions and find out what they believe and why they believe what they do.  It was good to get out feet wet and prepare us for what is to come!  Then we headed to Target to get the last few supplies before we head out in the morning!

The Hughes family opened up their house for us to enjoy dinner and to do some laundry! Tonight consisted of packing and preparing everything for an early rise time!! We also took part in communion and remembering the sacrifice that Christ made for us! We are really enjoying being together as a team and continuing to learn about each and challenge each other and encourage each other.

We are so excited to take off in the morning and make our way to the Philippines! Please pray for safe travels and that everything would go smoothly at the airports and on all our flights! We love you all and until the next time we post…..

8 Lovely Ladies…..

Sorry there are no pictures. I had some great ones of the girls having conversations at the mall, but somehow they have disappeared from the computer! But the next time you see pictures, we will be in the Philippines!