Our first full day of orientation started with the students first ride of the summer on the big blue Operation Barnabas busses! The church that is graciously hosting our orientation does not have showers but there is a local high school about 2 minutes up the road that has been great in that they are allowing us to use their locker rooms to shower. We returned to the church and the students were given some time for breakfast and to spend time in Scripture before a short worship and teaching time. We then went over introductions of all of the support leaders and ran through the rules and guidelines for the summer. Ed Lewis graced us with his presence today and taught the students our theme verse for Operation Barnabas, Acts 11:23-24.

After lunch and some small projects around the church, Ed worked with the students on some evangelism training.  It was great to hear about all of the incredible things that the Lord has been doing in Philadelphia through Ed and all of the other staff at Urban Hope. We transitioned to choir quickly and the students continued to amaze us with their singing abilities and how quickly they have been able to pick up new songs and sing parts. We split up into two groups and learned puppets, face painting, balloon animals and some other skills that we will be using during carnivals throughout our summer.

We spent time as a whole eating dinner together and getting to know each other better then got to hear more from Ed about different worldviews and how each one affects the way that we do ministry. We talked about several ways to reach people who are very different from us but need Jesus. After Ed talked we spent some more time in choir practice than had a challenge hour with Ed about authority and how to willingly submit to the authorities that God has placed in out life for our own good. After our final session of the day we broke off into our rooms and had some time to share what has been learned and how we can apply it to our lives before getting ready for bed. Today has been a very full day but we are excited to see what God will continue to do in the days to come!

Mackenzie K. learning about outreach.


Adam E., Michael R., and Joey A. praying for City Life.


OB students learning the Interlude dance.



Michael F. working the first day of opportunities.


Makyla A. showed us how to make an octopus out of balloons.


Reba K. getting creative with the balloons by making a pretzel.


Courtney S. did special music by signing beautifully to a praise song.