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OBI-July 10-Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, AGHHHHHH!! He is the King of Kings

WOW, we can’t believe that tomorrow is the day that we leave Boracay! It is bittersweet! We have fallen in love with the people, the culture and the island! Today was a great day! We started off by heading down to the school and tutoring and finishing up on our projects. The desks are officially done and we all got to be a part of putting them in the classroom and seeing how excited the kids were!!! We also started on some tables which we will finish tomorrow. We also did PE time, which is always a blast.

We headed back to the barn for lunch and then had some down time and some napped and others started packing up their suitcases! There are a lot of kids and pre-teens that hang out at the Jungle Barn, and it has been awesome getting to hang out with them and encourage them!! They have been just as encouraging to us too!! Life is going to be so different without all of our new friends around!

It was time for our LAST feeding site! It was such a long travel to this site! Right behind the Jungle Barn! 🙂 We only had to walk there!!! Ricky lead some songs and then some ladies from the Red Cross came and talked with the kids about health related things! Then, it was on to our program! It never gets old to see the excitement in the children’s faces! They love to dance and sing with us! But our favorite part is after the program and getting to hang out and love on them! We gave out bouncy ball and that was the entertainment for the most part of the evening! Some of our girls even played some basketball with some of the boys! Basketball is the loved sport around here!!! But our girls kept up!! We colored and sang and played until there was no more sun left to play! We said our goodbyes and headed back to the barn!

The incredible women and men of the barn made a great ‘American’ meal of hamburgers! They were delicious! Ilene, Ricky, Isidro, Lenny and so many others have been so awesome to us and we are blessed to have gotten to know them! We will miss them like crazy!!! Thank you everyone who has been apart of making this trip possible! God has been apart of all we have done and the glory goes all to Him!! Continue to pray as we finish up our last day at the school in the morning and then we will be leaving on a boat tomorrow night back to Manila! It is an overnight cruise boat! We will sleep through the night and wake up in Manila! We love you all!

Signing off until I can write again………8 Lovely Ladies…………..

OBI-July 9-Storms, Monkeys, and Teaching

Well folks, we made it through the storm of a lifetime. Last night we were all startled awake but the LOUD crash of thunder that shook our room! It was the craziest storm we have ever been apart of and in the midst, it was awesome to see it and remember how BIG and MIGHTY our God is!

We all headed off to school a little early this morning because some of us had some special projects that we got to be apart of. Some girls helped teach in the classroom, while others helped with school pictures and others got to tutor and finish up the desks and a few tables. It was a great day with a lot of different things to do! It is going to be so hard leaving because we are all getting to know so many of the students! The time has passed way to fast here! The Lord has taught each of us different things and its exciting to be able to come home and share with others what God did here.

After school, we came back to the barn and enjoyed some lunch and a lot of the girls took a nap because the storm kept a lot of us up last night. Then, we prepared for our feeding site! We went to a new site tonight and it was great! The kids had a lot of energy and it looked different than some of the other sites that we have been to.  We did a program and made balloon animals(which they LOVED) and did first aid!! Even though we do the same things at the sites, they are never the same! It was another great night of serving and sharing the love of Jesus with the kids and their families!

From there, we came back to the barn and a lot of the girls were there and greeted us with flowers and took a group of the girls on a walk down the beach! Some stayed and played with some of the boys that were in the water. We then enjoyed a wonderful dinner and enjoyed some fellowship with one of the missionaries here. Her name is Hailey and it was good to just share and learn! We have another busy day tomorrow, so we are headed off. Can’t believe that our time is almost up here! Keep praying! We love you all!

Signing off until tomorrow………….8 Lovely Ladies…………

OBI-July 8-Church, Birthdays, and Serving….It’s awesome

It was another incredible day here in Boracay! The day started off with spending an hour with the Lord and diving deeper into His arms! We then had a great breakfast and headed off to church. This Sunday, we got the opportunity to be a part of the service. We were able to do speech choir, a choir song and a pantomime. It looks different with all girls, but they did an excellent job and the people said they forgot there were no boys and the message was portrayed so well. I am very proud of them. After the main church service, we headed off to take on children’s church with some of the girls from the California group. We tag teamed Sunday school and by the end, we were sweaty and there were smiles on all the kids faces. It’s always neat to watch the body of Christ come together to accomplish a task! Big thanks to the California group!

After church, we headed back to the barn and scarfed down a quick lunch and then it was a dash to the water! It was very warm yesterday and it was a great day to cool off. A lot of the kids came and joined us and we were in the water a long time playing with the children. Then it was time to hop out of the water and get ready for a feeding site. We prepared our first aid kit, got our craft and puppets and we were off!!

We returned to a feeding site that we have been to before, we got to go to the Alta Vista site. If you remember, this is the site the the mother, Girly is at. Girly was there and she is doing better. She had a smile on her face and was enjoying watching her children learn about Jesus! Each day will get a little easier for her, but she still needs your prayers as she heals from her wound, but more so, as she heals from the lose of loosing a child. It will be a long process, but she knows that the Lord is by her side each step of the way. It was so good to see her smile!!!

After we said our final goodbyes, which took a while because these kids have definitely stolen a piece of our hearts, we headed back to the multi-cab and headed back to the barn! Once we got back, all the girls, plus Carrie Russell, got dressed up and we went out for dinner on the strip. We are the only ones at the Jungle Barn now, because the other groups have left, so we decided to go out and let the ladies have a break! We went to Shakey’s, an American pizza place, which the girls LOVED! It was just a fun night to enjoy each others company and enjoy the fellowship of our new friend, Carrie.

Continue to pray for us in this last stretch, that we would continue to be used by the Lord and that the unity of the team would stay strong. It’s easy to get tired and let our guards down, but we want to finish strong and leave a lasting mark for Jesus on Boracay. Not too many days till we will be home, but pray for us and we finish up.

Signing off until tomorrow………8 Lovely Ladies………….

OBI-July 7-Happy Birthday Taylor!!!

Happy Happy Birthday to Taylor!!! How exciting for her to get to celebrate her birthday in the Philippines!! The day started off with devotions with the Lord and then it was off to the school for finish up with the desks!! They are almost done! Only 2 more to finish!! It is great to see them finished and to know that we got to be a part of the kids getting desks is awesome! Every time the students walk by the room, they look in and get so excited to see their desks being made! So awesome!!!

Then there was some free time this afternoon, so some went out and did a little shopping while others stayed backed and just hung out.  Then it was off to a feeding site! It was another great site! We did a little program and then just had some time to play with the kids which is nice! Every feeding site is so different and sometimes it takes a little longer for the kids to warm up. This one, it took them a little longer, but by the end, they were chasing our multi-cab down the street!!! To love these kids like Jesus is one of the greatest joys! So excited that our time is not done here and we have 3 more feeding sites to go!

Please continue to pray for open hearts and that we would continue to have the strength and energy to get through each day. Pray that sickness would stay away and that would would be strong! Love you all so very much!

Signing off until tomorrow……….8 Lovely Ladies…………..

OBI-July 6- Party Time

Well, today was a great day! We got up a little early today so we could go to the school early and lead their chapel service again. It was another awesome time to share the gospel! Above the school is a community of people and a lot of them are muslim. On their walk up to their houses, they can see into the school and a lot of them stopped and watched the program. The girls did a great job!

After the program we started tutoring and manual labor! We are determined to finish all the desks that we have been working on. It is a long process to get them done but we are almost done and hope to finish them by tomorrow. We also had the opportunity to lead their P.E. time and give the teachers a little bit of a break! It’s always fun being crazy with the kids! Once done, we headed back to the Jungle Barn and had a great lunch!

We had a little bit of time to rest and hang out until the feeding site. The girls went to a feeding site here on the Boracay island and had a great time. I (Amy) came down with the flu and was not able to go to the site, but the girls did a great job of working together to put a program together and to do it on their own. They had a Filipino escort with them and Carrie Russell also went, and they said it was great!

Last night, the Jungle Barn had a celebration called Despedita where all the Filipino people come together and thank us for all the work that we have done. The girls said it was a great time of celebration and and getting to worship and fellowship with the people. Many of the people that came were people that work at the school and at the feeding sites. They sang songs and laughed and had a great time remembering all that great things that happened while we were here. They did it today because the Ohio and California teams will be heading home and wanted everyone to be involved. Such a sweet time to worship with our brothers and sisters from all of the world!

Signing off until tomorrow……..8 Lovely Ladies

OBI-July 5-Beef Jerky and Mom’s

WOW! What a great day! Started off in the Word and then it was off to the school! We tutored, sanded, painted and sang songs! Today, we also got the opportunity to bless the teachers and took over the game time and led that! It was a ton of fun and these kids sure do have a lot of energy! We will get to do this everyday until we leave! After work at the school, we headed back to the barn and enjoyed a great lunch!

We had a little bit of free time, some of us enjoyed the shinning sun and went for a swim in the ocean, while another group of girls went shopping on the strip. We cleaned up and prepared to do children’s church for the seminar again today, but with being flexible, our schedule changed and we got to go to another Ati Tribe today! It was a different village this time and it was so different from the last one we went to. Not many people go and visit this village, so they are not very used to visitors!! It took a while for them to warm up to us and they did not speak very much English of even understand much English, but we were able to love them with our expressions and touch!

We did a small program and did a craft with the kids and then got to feed them and just hang out! It breaks our hearts to see how these people are discriminated against and not cared about! What a great opportunity that we have to share the love of Christ and to let them know that they are important to us and even more important to the Lord!

After the feeding, Dan and Tori took all the groups to Jonah’s and we were able to enjoy a delicious shake! Tomorrow is an early day for us, so we are headed off to bed!!! Keep praying for us and that the weather would stay clear! We love you all!

Signing off until tomorrow……….8 Lovely Ladies………………

OBI-July 4-No Fireworks, BUT Tons of Fun

It was another awesome day! We started off by having time with the Lord (which is what happens every morning) and then we headed off to the school. It was sunny when we walked to school, but as we were working, the rain came and it came hard!! So much rain in just a little time! But we prayed that the rain would hold off or stop so we could do ministry! It did!! Praise the Lord! Virginia and Taylor got the opportunity to teach some songs to a couple of classes which was really fun for them!

After we finished at the school, we headed back to the Jungle Barn and ate some lunch and rested for about an hour and half and then headed down to the church. Some of the people from the other two churches that are here are teaching a seminar on Parenting and Marriage to the parents of the children that attend Agape School. It was awesome, 4 muslim women came to the seminar because their children are apart of the school! We were in charge of child care and we had a blast. Did puppets and played games and made salvation bands and colored! I think the kids were worn out, because we were sure tired! 🙂

After that, the Russell family that are missionaries here, invited the team over to their house for dinner. But before that, Mrs. Russell shared with us that a sweet lady named Theresa was in the hospital. Theresa has been a big part of our time here and has really helped with a lot of things and she is a big part at the school as well. So, we were able to go to the hospital and visit her. She was in the only private room that they have available because the woman’s ward was full. So different from an American hospital! Looks like a hospital from a war. Wow!!!

Then, we went off to dinner! It was delicious!!! We sat outside and looked over Boracay! What a way to eat dinner! Then, some of us played games, and other sat around and talked, and others made balloon animals and played with some of the kids! They also made us popcorn! It was such a blessing to be there and to get to know them a little more!!! Please continue to pray for the weather and that it would stay clear for the opportunities that we have to serve! We love you all!!

Signing off until tomorrow……..8 Lovely Ladies……………

OBI-July 3-The Ati Tribe

Today was a great day! Other than the down pour of rain for the first half of the day, it was awesome!! We worked hard this morning at the school, some tutored, some stained, and some taught and helped in classrooms! It was very rainy, but as we worked we prayed that the rain would stop so we could go to a feeding site. After we finished at the school, we came back to the barn and ate a delicious lunch and then headed out on the strip to do a little shopping. We got hit with some rain again, but it came and went and even though we were wet, the Lord answered our prayers and we were going to a feeding site.

This was out first time with the Ati Tribe. We had to take a boat to the main island and travel a little ways to the Ati’s! It was a great night where we got to serve and hang out and encourage! I think we were more encouraged! We did first aid and played with children and were also able to have some great conversations! Each time we go to a feeding site, the girls decided that the new site is now their favorite, but each site it so different and unique in it’s own way, it’s hard to pick your favorite site! This was great to see how the Ati’s live and what makes them so special! We fell in love with this tribe.

Other great news, I found out that at the funeral for Girly’s baby, that Girly’s mother and mother-in-law both accepted Christ. The Lord had planned this out from the beginning and what a blessing it is to know that we have 2 more people joining us in heaven! Praise the Lord! Through our pain, comes joy and the Lord ALWAYS has a purpose for what happens in our lives. Sometimes we see it quick and other times we have to wait! Well, Girly got to see some joy come through the loss of her child! Continue to keep her in your prayers! We love you all!!

Signing off until tomorrow…….8 Lovely Ladies……….

OBI-July 2-Rain, Rain Go Away…

Well, it was a very rainy day today! We thought it was going to be a hot day because when we walked to the school, the sun was shining and it was humid! By the time we finished our tutoring and construction, it was cloudy and started to rain on our walk back to the Jungle Barn.

We thought that we might go to the Ati Tribe feeding site, but because the rain was so heavy, it was canceled. There is not much of anything that can be done when its down pouring, so it was kinda of a rest day. Some girls slept and other played card games with our new found friends!!

Dan and Tori took all 25 of us (the other 2 groups that are here) to a Japanese style restaurant tonight. It was delicious! A lot of the girls tried things that they had never had before!! It was great! Then Tori took us girls to a market so we could buy some ‘American’ style snacks! It was nice, the girls are missing some of their favorites! Oreos were one of the hot items! 🙂

We also got to go to a local favorite hot spot called Jonah’s! It is a smoothie place and yet another delicious treat. All the feeding sites on Boracay were shut down today due to the funeral service for Girly’s baby. It is neat to see the community surround a family that is hurting. It is incredible to be a part of the Christian family all across the world. Please pray that the weather would clear up so we could be back out with the people and getting our hands dirty and touching lives for Jesus. Continue to pray for the hearts of those that we get a chance to talk to and share the gospel with! We love you all.

Signing off until tomorrow…….8 Lovely Ladies

OBI-July 1- We Love the Philippines

What an incredible day here in Boracay! I can’t explain it, but each day we are here, our hearts grow larger and larger for these people!! The day started off with an incredible church service where the church introduced us and gave us each a lei made with their national flowers! It was beautiful! We got the opportunity to lead childrens church and it was a blast.

From there, Dan took us to a great place to eat and from there, we came back to the barn and had a little down time. Some of us rested, while the rest of us enjoyed the sunlight and took a swim in the ocean. So refreshing. Then it was time to prepare for our feeding site.

Each time we go to a site, it gets a little easier and the girls are doing a great job of taking on different challenges that sometimes arise. Today, we went to the Alta Vista feeding site where there were about 25-30 kids. Our girls did a short program and then did some first aid care and played with the children. The kids really enjoyed us being there. One thing you can be praying for: a woman named Girly. She had an emergency C-section last night and the baby girl did not survive. Because there are no doctors on the island that are able to perform a C-section, she had to travel 2 hours to a hospital and she also had to go part way by boat, and because of the length of the trip, the baby died. The crazy part is, Girly was at the feeding site tonight. She is the woman that takes care of that village and is usually the one that cooks all the food for the site. Her family would not let her get up or cook, but she was there! She just had a C-section and lost a baby and was still at the site because it means that much to her. She knows that this is what the Lord had planned and that His name would be glorified through it! To see her joy in spite of her pain is amazing to me! She has a husband and 6 other children, Please continue to pray for her and that the village would see how the church helps her family in this time of need.

I know that not only my heart, but the heart of this team is broken, not only for this family, but for these people!! We are so blessed to be here and to get the opportunity to minister to these people. We love you all!!

Signing off until tomorrow……..8 Lovely Ladies………..