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Team 611- Mall Madness and Classy Dinners…
| July 29, 2012 | 3:22 am | Team 611 | Only Pings

The boys showing the ladies some loving respect as brothers and sisters in Christ.



This morning we made breakfast for our students. It was awesome to be able to serve them and bless them with some amazing pancakes as well! We loaded up on the bus and headed over to Winona Lake Grace Brethren Church to meet up with team 320 for debriefing. TK debriefed the students for several hours and encouraged and exhorted them to continue striving towards God as they return home. Please pray with us that they find community and people back home to push them and for people that the students can push as well.

When debriefing ended we got on our bus and headed towards Ft. Wayne to spend the afternoon at the mall there. The students ate lunch than had the afternoon to look for opportunities and hang out together in a different setting. We as leaders also met with students to encourage them and express how much we love them.

We returned to CE National in the early evening and the guys on the team made dinner for everyone. We had some time to hang out while they were cooking and had a great conversations and hang out time. The guys served the ladies dinner and honored them as much as possible. We ate spaghetti and meatballs with Italian music going to set the mood for the evening. The guys did an awesome job serving and we as leaders are all very thankful for their servant hearts and their desire to respect and lead our ladies. We all ate together than heard Josh W and Michael F share their sermons. Alex did some teaching than we got ready for bed early.

Tomorrow we are doing a combined service with team 320 at Winona Lake Grace Brethren Church. If you are in the area feel free to stop by and say hello! Pray that things go smoothly tomorrow and that we can share Christ’s Love with many people. Please also pray that we travel well tomorrow afternoon back to Polaris Grace Brethren Church for our last evening together. Pray more now than ever that our students finish strong and go home equipped and empowered to serve their friends, churches, schools and the world! Thanks!

Team 611- A Little Sweat Never Hurt!- July 27
| July 28, 2012 | 4:15 am | Team 611 | Only Pings


Nate worked with other students to clean out lights in CE buildings.


Emily P., Heidi, and Emily B. pulling weeds to serve CE


Bonding time watching the opening of the olympics.






Team 611- Working and Encouraging
| July 28, 2012 | 3:45 am | Team 611 | Only Pings


What a day today has been! We started off with breakfast and an hour with God, which was great. We met with our d-groups and got to talk for a while and it was great to catch up after a few days without meeting. The students worked on evaluation forms for a while than we took tours of grace college later in the morning. The students made lunch for themselves today and got to bond with each other through that in an awesome way which is always great!

We worked on projects around CE National for a few hours in the afternoon and were able to get a ton of work done! We washed windows inside and out in 3 different buildings, washed 5 cars and waxed 3, cleaned 92 lights and their covers, put away a lot of supplies we no longer need, set up, cleaned and took down 10 tents and did a lot of other yard work involving weeding, raking and various cleaning up. Needless to say, the staff of CE was very thankful and it was great to be able to bless them by doing all of that for them.

Alex spent some time teaching on discipleship going home than we hopped on the bus and went to Culvers for dinner. We all enjoyed the meal and had great opportunities to share Christ’s Love with people that we met there. After dinner we headed to a local house to hang out together as a team. We swam, relaxed and of course, watched part of the Olympics opening ceremonies. GO ‘MERCA! The team encouraged each other for a while in an encouragement circle than we headed back to CE to relax for a while before getting ready for bed.

Tomorrow is the students debriefing and we have some other cool stuff planned as well! Pray for a good last weekend and that team 611 and team 320 are able to bless many people with a combined service this weekend here in Winona Lake. Thanks for your prayers! We as leaders are so blessed by each and every student and are so grateful that we have the honor to lead and serve beside each one of them!

Team 611-I’m On A Boat!
| July 27, 2012 | 2:48 am | Team 611 | Only Pings

Hanna was able to share her children’s story before the rain came.

A Fun Skit about Ester

I think the kids were having fun chasing Jacob R in the rain.


Alec and Matthew playing with some boys at the park


Erin making good conversation while we took shelter from the rain.


Hayley and Courtney bonding and recharging a bit on the water.


Jessie and Claire taking time to find restoration in the Word.



Today has been a great day for team 611. We started our day off with an hour with God than transitioned into some sharing time as a team. The group that got the opportunity to go to the jail last night shared some of what they had seen and experienced. The rest of the team also shared some of the cool thing that they have seen the Lord do in the past few days. It was a very refreshing time, it always is great to look back and see what God has done and what he has brought us through.

We loaded up the bus around 11am and headed back to Center Park to do another program for some local kids that were there. We got about half way through the program when it started raining. We quickly tore down all of our equipment and went to a pavilion where we had great opportunities to talk to families who were there with their kids and played with the kids as well! After people began to head home we loaded up and went to lunch at McDonalds quickly before heading to a house on Winona Lake.

Erin Cooper, one of the masterminds behind the Momentum conference lives there and was gracious enough to host us for the afternoon. We played hantis, Frisbee, went on boat rides, did some tubing and did some jet skiing as well. We had a great afternoon of bonding as a team and are all very thankful to Erin for opening up her home to us! We came back to CE National and the students were each given $1 to make dinner for the whole team. The students made and ate dinner than had team time for a while before heading to bed early.

Please continue to pray for these last few days. Pray that God uses each and every student and leader for His glory and that we are able to finish strong.

Team 611- Go Directly to Jail!- July 25
| July 26, 2012 | 5:58 am | Team 611 | Only Pings

Seirra and Jessie visiting with people at the park while they eat lunch.


Michael and Ryan sitting in with the children and families during the park program


Trevor acting as Jonah while Kim, Ryan, and Emily B. act as the people of Nineveh in a fun skit.


Yana presenting her children’s story about the importance of the Bible and prayer


Speech choir can be used by God to move any age


Jacob H sharing the cross illistration


Rebecca and her new little friend!


MacKenzie knows how to work hard always!


OB students worked along side of the youth group in manual labor today.



The students arrived at CE National (Where we will be staying for the next week or so) at 7:45 and spent time with God right away. We did a teaching time on poverty than quickly packed lunches and got on the bus to go to a local park. We had a program this afternoon that went well at a park. Several children met Jesus for the first time there, which is always exciting!

This afternoon the team was split up into groups and sent to several different parks throughout the city. We worked together with the parks dept. to get projects done. It was great to be able to serve the city workers and the city as a whole in that way today. We wrapped up the labor around four and split the team into two groups. One team went to a pool party while the other group went to a jail to do some ministry there. The students who went to the jail were a huge blessing to all of the inmates (see email here) and the jailer even let them stay the night to give us leaders a break! (just kidding)

The team met back at CE National later in the evening for some team time and sharing about the day before getting ready for bed.

Please pray for us in these last few days, it will be a busy few days and it will be easy to let ourselves slack off as we near the end of our tour. Please pray for perseverance and wisdom to make these last days count. Thank you for all of your support! It means the world to us!

Team 611- Bring the Rain- July 24
| July 25, 2012 | 2:56 am | Team 611 | Only Pings

Jacob H., Hanna, Rebecca, and Alec pumped for some painting


Nate, Michael, and MacKenzie painting the youth room


Hayley touching up detials

One-third of the team went to a nursing home to do a few songs and talk with the elderly



This morning the students arrived early from host homes and loaded everything up quickly. Pastor Dale sent us of with some words of exhortation and gave us the opportunity to pray for him and his ministry as well. We got on the road soon after heading towards Warsaw, IN. We stopped at a Taco Bell for a not-so-quick lunch than came the rest of the way to Community Grace of Warsaw.

One of the three groups went to a local nursing home to put on a mini program while the other two groups went back to the church to begin some work projects. The program at the nursing home was short but went well, the students had some awesome conversations with people there as well.

The nursing home group returned to the church after a while and joined the other groups doing work projects until about 5pm or so. Pastor Tim Clothier shared about his life and the church for a while then we had a bit of debriefing before students were picked up by host families at 6.

Tomorrow will be a hot and busy day for our team. Pray for strength and perseverance to get through the day and to work at our full potential. We will be putting on a program in the early afternoon and also have a group doing some work in a prison in the evening. Pray that we can share Christ’s Love with many people. Thanks!

Canvassing and a Cookout Team 611- July 23
| July 24, 2012 | 4:10 am | Team 611 | Only Pings


We slept in this morning, praise the Lord! When we had woken up (at 9:00am) we spent an hour with God than had time to meet with our d-groups and catch up after a week apart from each other at Momentum. A man named Chris came in and shared his testimony with the students. It was an awesome testimony sharing how God has miraculously changed his life and is still continuing to do so as well! The students packed overnight bags and than cleaned up the church before lunch, which the church very graciously provided for us today.

After we had finished lunch we packed up the bus and headed towards Dayton, OH. We split up into groups and passed out info to a lot of houses around the park that our program would be at later this evening. Many students got to have conversations with people and invite many people to the park the program would be at.

All of the students were picked up and we drove together to Possum Creek Park. The church provided dinner for not just our OB team but also for all of the local people who showed up. We spent some time eating and hanging out than put on a great park program. The program opened up a lot of great opportunities to share the Gospel with people and we got some people trust Christ with their lives tonight!

After talking for a while we cleaned up and headed back to the church. We had a short debriefing and hang out time before sending the students on their way with host families for the evening.

Tomorrow morning we leave for Warsaw, IN for our final stop on tour before debriefing at CE National. Pray that the students finish strong and that we are able to bless Community Grace of Warsaw in some awesome ways! Thanks for all of your prayers and support this summer!

Pastor Dale and Chris sharing their testimonies and about the ministries of the church.


Yana and Jacob R. playing with Caleb before the park program.


Micah branching out to people that aren’t even technically at the park program.


Courtney and Jacob R. wiggling all the sillys out as Dora and Diago


Alec led these young boys to ask the Lord into their heart after a good conversation about who Jesus is.


Ryan and Matt praying with a man after having an encouraging conversation


The kids found Yana’s weakness to tickle her.

Welcome Back! Team 611- July 22
| July 23, 2012 | 2:07 am | Team 611 | Only Pings


Jessie chatting with a lady during the Grace Connections church.



Matthew and Mookie jamming to “I Love Jesus” during the morning service.


Emily P. shared in her children’s story about the saving grace of Jesus.

An dialog presenting how people might feel in the silence

Rachel and Marcelo shared their testimonies on how an hour with God every day this summer has impacted their relationship with the Lord.


The guys give an intense delivery of the speech choir.


Al, Erin, and Sierra sing a heart-felt choir song.


Emily B shared the cross illistration with another Emily from the church after lunch.


Ministering near a small water park was perfect to draw families in for a program (and it was nice to cool off on a hot day)


Trevor and Jacob H. showing the kids how to do the interlude.


Courtney showing the kids its fun to be a little silly


Puppets are a classic for a park program


Sierra and Stephen A. working the puppets during the song “Elevate”


Pastor Dale and his daughter enjoying a dance to “Call Me Maybe”



Jacob H showing his skill during “Call Me Maybe”


Emily B sharing her children’s story at the park program.


Rebecca and Jessie sharing the cross illistration with 2 friends at the park program.


Jacob R. and Steven Y. conversed with these 2 men for about an hour after the program

Thank you for your patience for the pictures!


Hola! Glad to back with you again! This morning started off bright and early (not so bright actually…the sun had still not yet graced us with its presence…) in a parking lot at Eastern Kentucky University loading our bags onto our luggage vehicle and preparing to get on the road. We pulled out around 6:30 am and headed north towards Clayton, OH where Grace Connections Church is located. We arrived around 10:30 and quickly set up to do the churches 10:45 service. Although we were slightly hurried we had a good program for service and had many great opportunities to meet new people and start forming some new friendships as well.

Grace Connections provided lunch for us today potluck style with many of the church members. We were grateful to eat together as a team again even though it has only been several days. When we had finished lunch we helped clean up the church then headed to a local park to do an afternoon program. We got to the park early and set up before going out into the park to extend invitations to people that we came in contact with. The program went very well and many of the students had great opportunities to have some great conversations.

We made a trip to walmart this evening for the students to get anything that they will need for the remainder of the trip and also to look for opportunities to share Christ’s Love with others. We stopped at McDonalds for dinner when we had finished at walmart and most of the students got to have some great conversations with people over dinner.

We returned to the church after dinner and had some time of debriefing over the past week or so as well as what happened throughout today. Many of the students had great stories to share about the awesome things that they were able to share with their youth groups and some of the amazing things that they learned this past week at Momentum.

Praise God for a great conference! It is not often that students get the opportunity to hear as many incredible speakers and worship artists as ours did this past week. Please pray for our time here in the greater Dayton area. Pray that we are able to impact this community in a huge way and also that we can get people plugged in to Grace Connections Church. Thanks!


Team 611-Travel Day!- July 16
| July 17, 2012 | 3:07 am | Team 611 | Only Pings


This morning started off at Delaware GBC with breakfast and an hour with God. Alex and his awesome fiancee’ Melody shared about relationships than we packed up and got ready to get on the road. We left the Delaware GBC and headed towards Kentucky. We stopped at Arby’s to eat a quick lunch than got back on the road. We drove throughout the entire afternoon to get to Richmond, KY. We stopped at wal-mart than at Chikfila for dinner where we ran into several youth groups that are also headed to Momentum Conference. We are staying at a local church here in Richmond and heading to the conference in the morning.

Please pray for all of the students that will be going to Momentum this year, pray that the Lord uses everyone involved to encourage one another and the community as well. Please also pray that as our students go back to the youth groups for the week that they will have great opportunities to share and apply what they have been learning this summer! Thanks!

This will also be the last post until the end of momentum. The students will have their phones throughout the week so feel free to contact them that way. See you in a week!


Alex and his fiance, Melody, sharing their God-written love story


Mustache finger tattoos on a long bus ride to KY with Courtney, Liz, and Alyssa


Nate after a teaching time on worshiping, praising through finger paint.


Al praising through poetry


Some students worshiping in song and music


Yana using her artistry to praise the Lord.

Team 611- July15
| July 16, 2012 | 2:58 am | Team 611 | Only Pings

Leader, Alex McCue, introducing team 611 in his home church at Delaware.


Alec, Al and an OB alumnus sharing their testimonies.


A pantomime representing the way that people can come to church while covering up their sin and putting a fake smile on.


Hanna hanging out with Aiden during the children's program.


Al bringing along some girls to enjoy the dumping booth with her at the Big Splash


Alyssa praising God through dance with the kids



Erin sharing her children's story about how Jesus saves


Emily P and Steven with the kids learning more about the Lord through the kids program


Micah sharing the cross illustration in order to share the gospel to kids.


Nate and Trevor chatting with the middle school boys at Delaware GBC's youth group.


Steven making new friends, and Nate just being fun-spirited


Josh being a conversationalist with people from the youth group


Jamie and Steven being bold in sharing their testimonies with the youth group.


Jacob R was able to share his sermon with his own youth group tonight on loving people as a reflection of God's love.



Today team 611 led both services at Delaware GBC and they went very well! Trevor S. shared his sermon first service and Matthew M. shared his during the second. We got some awesome opportunity to encourage the entire congregation here at Delaware. We loaded up the bus quickly and drove the few miles back to GBC Polaris to help them with a community outreach program that they were doing this afternoon. The team split up to help out with some small projects to keep things running smoothly. We got back together and put on a short program geared to mostly younger kids and had a great time doing it as well!

We packed everything back up on the bus quickly after our program and headed back to Delaware GBC with a short stop at McDonalds for dinner. Delaware’s youth group started at 5:30 and we mingled and did a few of our dances to build some great energy with they youth here. We played some games and heard a few testimonies before Alex and Pastor Dave shared. We spent some time in worship through music together than took down chairs in the youth room and in the main auditorium as well. Many students took opportunities to mingle and build friendships during this time as well.

When most of the youth had left we transitioned into a time of debriefing about the day and a teaching time about forgiveness.  It was awesome to see how the students were convicted and how they responded as well. We as leaders are proud of all of them for so many reasons! We had a bit more sharing time than goofed off together for a while before getting ready for bed.

We are still not totally sure what we will be doing tomorrow but please pray that the Lord uses us in whatever that ends up being. Please also begin to pray for Momentum youth conference starting on Tuesday. It will be an incredible week for everyone who is able to make it. Pray not only for our students on OB but also for those coming from churches from all around the country. Pray that the Lord uses the worship leaders, the speakers and anyone else that is involved to speak truth and Love into the hearts and lives of the students. Thanks!