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Team 320 – Do You Want a Side Hug? – July 28, 2012
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We started today bright and early to a breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and bacon made by us leaders.  We then had a reuniting with Team 611 to sound check for our final combined program tomorrow.  So excited to see the students pumped to praise the Lord all together one last time through their programs.  We then had a debriefing session with TK.  He prepped the students on what to expect and what will be both good and difficult as they head home.

The students then had lunch and we began end of tour evaluations.  It was phenomenal to see again the work that the Lord has very clearly been doing in these students.

During exit interviews, we crammed in lunch and encouraged each of the students to find time for their hour with God.  Unfortunately, each day back home will not be thoroughly mapped out for them so we wanted and needed to help them to learn how to incorporate that into their day.

During interviews we also spent some time on Winona Lake inner tubing, jet skiing and playing Hantis… also… there were kayaks.  After that, we came back to the church and finished up our sermons and children’s stories that weren’t able to be incorporated into programs for the team.  We ate dinner and then I did a teaching time on discipleship.

It’s off to bed now and I would ask for prayer for these students as they head into the bitter-sweetness of their last full day of ministry together.  Can’t believe it’s the end already.  But I know that the Lord is prepared to do immeasurably more than I could as or imagine.  Also, check your students Facebook to see some cool videos that were posted today 🙂  Goodnight!

Reba and Amy 🙂

Cody, Jacob, Grace, and Brianna 🙂

Taylor, Emily, Kaley, and Rachel 🙂

David from 320 and Hayley from 611 share their testimony of salvation in church on Sunday.

Reba shares her testimony of what God has taught her in His Word this summer.

Cody shares his testimony of what God has been teaching him about prayer this summer.

Caroline and Rachel 🙂

Meredith engages in spiritual conversation with an older couple at Wendy’s.

Danielle and Courtney pray for the gospel to impact the lives that are hearing it.

Team 320 🙂


Happy to have ice cream!

Brianna, Karli, and Cari enjoy some ice cream 🙂

Nick and John 🙂

Team 320 – Sixth Times a Charm – July 28, 2012
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Wow, the Lord is just doing crazy things all over the place.  Today we began our day with a program at Grace Retirement Village.  It was so encouraging and awesome to talk with those who have gone before to pave the way of faith like these men and women.  We talked with a lot of people today who have been following Jesus for many years!  We got to have lunch with the residence as well!  After the program, we did a tour of Grace College and then headed back to the church.  We then had a teaching time from Bethany about self discipline.  (After some Scripture memory.)  After the teaching time, we loaded the bus and headed to Wal-Mart and then to the mall to have some conversations about the Gospel.  We had amazing opportunities to share our faith with so many different people from a Buddhist, to Muslims, to a Jehovah’s Witness.  So many of our kids’ hearts are breaking for those who are lost in a thicket of lies and who are without Christ as their Savior.  We then made our way back to the church (after dinner at McDonalds) and filled out end of tour evaluations and finally BEAT THE POLE GAME!  Please pray for our students as they go into debriefing tomorrow.  So many of them are excited AND scared to go home.  Pray for the Lord to reveal truth and His will to each student as they face what it means to bring what they have learned in Ministry home to where God has called them!  Goodnight!

Ben and Marc pray together for their ministry this morning.

Makyla and Amy get to know a resident at Grace Village.

Alex, Abby, and Courtney chat with a resident at Grace Village.

Kelly eating lunch with several people from Grace Village.

Kelly, Leigh, and Meaghan love the bus.

Emily and Amy also love the bus.

Nick, Jacob, David, and Adam have fun at Walmart.

John and Nick share about their experience sharing their faith at the mall.

The students are reflecting on their summers.

Team 320 – Except… That’s A Literal Shepherd. July 26, 2012
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Wow.  What a phenomenal day to serve Jesus.  Like everyday… but seriously… today the Lord would not be without the glory of it all!!!!!!!  We began the day with students at WLGBC cleaning lockers at Jefferson Elementary School across the street.  We had a great time serving and cleaning and then got to hear from the principal of the school, a very strong believer, share about his ministry in the administration and in a place where the Lord is so often not welcome; public schools.  It was so encouraging to hear and a great reminder of the way we serve and live on mission for the Jesus and His Gospel REGARDLESS of our vocation.  In fact; THROUGH our vocation.  We then came back to the church and had our hour with God and Sarah finished some thoughts on women in ministry and what Scripture has to say about the subject.  We then headed into lunch.  OH MY GOSH… SALAD!  SO MANY VEGETABLES I COULD HAVE DIED.  But I’m not going to now because my arteries aren’t as clogged with fast food and rice krispie treats.  THANKS WLGBC!!!!! After lunch we set out to Fellowship Mission run Eric Lane for the homeless community of Warsaw.  Half of our students ministered by sorting clothes for the women’s shelter while the other half worked dividing up food boxes for the needy and then delivering them.  We had some AWESOME opportunities to talk and share with people today.  So when we got back, we had dinner and then set out for ministry again at Marywood Trailer Park and did a children’s program and passed out fliers.  A high school sophomore and two young mom’s came to know Jesus as their personal savior today!  Praise GOD!!!!!!!! So humbled by his work in and through our kids even up until these last days of tour!  Prayer for continued stamina and reality of the Gospel in our own lives is needed!  And that we would continue to take it home with us into our homes, churches, and communities.  WHEREVER our students go, we want to see the truth of the Gospel proclaimed!  Goodnight!

Jared and two youth group boys work hard to clean all of the glass in the entryway to Jefferson Elementary.

Our students cleaned out and waxed every locker.

The principal shared with our students about his ministry in the school.

Brianna, Cari, Makyla, and Danielle organized the food at the pantry into groups for families according to their size.

Adam spent time getting to know this man who lived in the Fellowship Ministries house.

Team 320 did a mini-program for the children in Marywood tonight.

Team 320 joined Winona Lake students and children in the community for small-group discussion about kindness.

Amy and Danielle having some great discussion.

Reba and Cody got to know these children really well.

Taylor and Kaley invited this family to a carnival next week that Winona Lake is having, but they also got to share the gospel with them.

Marc prayed with this couple about their family.


Team 320 – Do YOU Think You Need An X-Ray? – July 25, 2012
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Today was a great day of ministry for Team 320.  We had an awesome start today our day with labor projects straight away pulling brush, painting, splitting wood, and caring for some members of the church family’s yards.  After labor, we ate lunch and then heard from Pastor Jay Bell about Spiritual Warfare and the state of our thoughts.  Very challenging!  After the teaching time, our students got to spend some time learning from the Lord in an hour with Him and then discipleship groups (of course.)  Sarah then shared a little bit out of 1 Timothy 2 on women in ministry.   We had an awesome experience in worship today recording our choir with WLGBC’s worship pastor Aaron.  The students learned some of his original songs and then got to worship live and recorded with the track :).  Really cool way to honor the Lord through song and some of our kids very clear gifting.  After that, we went into dinner with the youth group and spent the rest of the evening praying, worshipping, doing pantomimes and playing Cyborg with the youth group!  It was a phenomenal time and Joey and Merideth both got to explicitly share the Gospel!  Praise God for how He worked in and through our kids today!  Prayer for continued stamina and strength would be appreciated!  We’re tired, but we serve God who provides and who still wants to do some great things!  More than we could ever ask or imagine!  Goodnight!

Team 320 – Pictures – July 25, 2012
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Kelly, Danielle, Emily, and Courtney got to clean up this lady’s yard this morning.

Joey, Sarah, Cari, Brianna, Leigh, and Michael are excited for lunch!

Abby got to pray with Mr. and Mrs. Bell before lunch.

Reba and Meaghan getting to know a youth worker.

Pastor Jay Bell shared with our students about spiritual warfare.

Sarah Knepper shared with our students about women in ministry.

Makyla and Courtney got to know some youth group girls at dinner tonight.

Marc teamed up with a youth group student to start the night off with a fun introduction and questions.

Team 320 – Winona! – July 24, 2012
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In many ways, it feels like we’ve started to come full circle as we find ourselves back in Winona Lake for the last week of tour.  Our day began with an hour with God at Leesburg Grace and then continued with the finishing of an encouragement circle.  After our time together, we quickly cleaned up the church and then hit the road (for about 10-15 minutes) to make our way to Winona Lake Grace Brethren Church.  Once we got there, we had lunch and listened to Tim talk to us about the ministry at WLGBC.  We fellowshipped with a lot of the church body and then began some labor projects pulling weeds, cleaning, organizing, and splitting wood.  The day was long, but our kids have become so awesome at ministering through labor and doing everything in it as to the glory of God!  After labor, our kids went home with their host family.  Although it wasn’t a very “full” day, we kept busy and we’re excited and expectant to see what the Lord has for us at this church!  Goodnight!

Grace getting to know a student from WLGBC.

Sarah and Amy helping in the kitchen after lunch.

Marc and Robbie getting to know some people from the church.

Our students got to mix with the WLGBC students in manual labor projects today. Here is everyone listening to instructions.

We weeded around one of the church buildings.

Nick and Cari love to work hard.

Team 320 – Ready or Not -July 23, 2012
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For our first full day back in ministry since Momentum, we began our day in Leesburg after getting back from host homes with an hour with God.  So good to see each of our students hungering after the Lord’s Words again and hearing the truth that He revealed to each of them both over Momentum and in that short hour in the morning.  We got a time after that to set up for an indoor block party with the church since it was raining.  OBers ran stations throughout the church ty dying, painting, sports, bounce house, and more.  We did three short programs and got to share the Gospel with several kids and adults.  We saw a couple people give their lives to Jesus for the first time today and even one rededication!  God is good!  After the block party and lunch we started labor projects painting, weeding, cleaning, and washing throughout and outside the church.  This is just the pace we’ve been missing in our week at conference.  After labor, we heard a teaching time from Josh on encouragement. We then had some time with the church and our host families bowling!  So much fun and such a time of encouragement and fellowship with both our team and the church family!  The kids are now back with their host families!  Prayer for stamina, drive and purpose in our Lord Jesus would be much appreciated!  We want to see these kid’s hearts continue to break and be mended by God!  So badly!  Goodnight!

Karli made a friend at Leesburg today.
Meaghan shares her children’s story.
Michael, Jacob, Kaley, and Reba share the gospel with these children.
Many conversations about the gospel happening at Leesburg.
Alex helps paint the hallway.
Caroline and Alex love being accountability partners.
Josh Hamrick shared a teaching time about encouragement.
Michael is sharing encouragement to the team.
Joey and Meredith get to know this couple at the bowling alley.
It’s not a bowling night without the Cha-Cha Slide.
Leigh, Taylor, and Sarah love to bowl.
Team 320 – Be there… or be Square… like a Block – July 22, 2012
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A Haiku…

We rode in a bus

We stopped for some Arby’s food

We canvased Leesburg


Legit… that’s all we did… now we’re in host homes.

WELCOME BACK TEAM 320!!!!  Ready and expectant to see God do immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine!

Team 320 – Funny Toast – July 16, 2012
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Meghan literally asked us if it was ok to tweet about funny toast over Momentum… I’m not joking… anyway… just thought you all should know that.  Anyway… woke up this morning to breakfast and an hour with God.  We then had an awesome opportunity to hear from Stacy Fay about what Christ is doing in our lives from Philippians 3.  After the sharing time, we went to Wal-Mart and then came back for lunch.  After lunch (provided again by the Happy Church!) we had an hour and a half in prayer just to express our thanks to God!  After prayer we canvased many apartment complexes and trailer parks around the area and had some AWESOME opportunities to share the Gospel!  Our students hearts are BREAKING for the lost and while it’s hard to watch some of them in tears it’s so sweet to the heart to know that the Lord is aligning His will that none should perish with their own hearts.  Nothing sweeter than watching these kids “get it.”  I’m so honored to be a part of this team and I love each one of these kids!  Thank you all for giving us the pleasure and honor to invest in each of them!  After canvasing, we came back to the church and played the pole game and had an auction from the lost and found bin.  We then ate dinner and showered, packed up to leave bright and early tomorrow and then talked over expectations for Momentum.  Pray for these kids as they go back into familiar situations tomorrow.  Some are excited, some are nervous, and some just don’t want to leave their team.  But we ask that you would faithfully pray throughout this week that each student would be able to focus on the ministry that the Lord sets before each one and that He would do immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine in each one.  (and just tomorrow… for travel mercies :))

Caroline, John, and Amy are excited for lunch!

The students spent time in prayer today.

Marc getting to know a youth student at the church.

Emily, David, and John playing cards with some of the youth group students.

Joey making a new friend.

Taylor and Adam getting to know some of the boys from the youth group.

Team 320 – Nap Time… JK. – July 15, 2012
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God is just so good!  Today was just an awesome opportunity to see our Lord do exceedingly more than we could ask or imagine.  Team 320 woke up this morning to a quick breakfast and then a warm up for the program we ran for Sunday morning service here at the Happy Church.

We got a break from our formal Sunday outfits today and just wore our logo shirts and jeans!!!  After the warm up, we spent some time in the Word and in prayer for our home churches.  So awesome.  We then ran the program and after changed and ate lunch.  It began to rain really hard but God worked some awesome miracles in that as well and cleared it up just in time for us to make our way up into the hills of Kentucky and LEGITIMATELY hang with some wild horses.  I FED ONE!!!!  So blessed to be a part of God’s creation in such a tangible way.  So we took some time to thank God for it and spend some more time with Him!!!!

After we got back from the hill, we quickly put on our park shirts and packed up our programming materials and made our way to a local park to put on a park program.  It was raining so hard, so for the bus ride over we prayed that God would stop it and let His will be done so we could share the Gospel. We did our program, and there were several people who accepted Jesus for the first time tonight!

After the program Stacy Fay shared some stories with our kids along with Sarah and then we went to bed!

Please pray for the students as they go into their last full day of ministry before Momentum and for wisdom and discernment as we love on them for the rest of the time we have!  Goodnight!


Abby is now best friends with this girl from the Happy Church.

Brianna shared her children's story this morning.

We did "Rise Up" as a flash mob this morning for church.

Rachel socializing after service.

The students got to know some of the youth who were practicing for NAC.

Sarah prayed with this lady after service.

Grace bonded with this little girl by hanging out underneath the table with her.

The students really loved looking at the beauty of God's creation today.

Adam was really excited about the horses.

Meredith spent time praying, reading the Bible, and reflecting.

Our students prayed before our program tonight and God surely provided for it.

Leigh, Abby, and Meaghan chatted with this lady and her daughters at the McDonald's tonight.