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OB June 21 – Day Before Departure
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With the anticipation of tomorrow’s departure weighing on both the leaders and the students, teams said their final goodbyes this evening. After partaking in threefold communion together, each team prayed over the other two teams for safety and divine appointments. There is so much excitement in the air, but there have been a fair share of teary goodbyes as well.

Leading up to the evenings events, each team had their final reviews for the skits, puppets, pantomimes, and clown songs that will be used on tour this summer. Everyone enjoyed watching as the talents came together; a great conclusion to a week of hard work.

The students took time to learn manners during an etiquette meal at lunch time, as a few of the leaders modeled what not to do in a host home by throwing food across the table, slurping their soup, eating with their fingers and yelling loudly. The students were then able to practice their manners with a leader acting as their host or hostess during lunch.

As we all make final preparations for the early departure tomorrow, we are praying that God will show us what He desires of us, and moves in big ways this summer. All glory goes to Him as we travel!

June 20 – Pictures of the Day
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Today Was a day full of fun, crazy, practices and cooking! Everyone is enjoying the final days of orientation! Here is just a glimpse!

OB June 20- Getting into a cycle
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Today was the first time that the students did laundry. It was an adventure to say the least. Some kids knew exactly what to do, while the only experience for some was pushing the “Start” button. Overall, it was and will continue to be a stretching and growing experience for these students and leaders as well. Going to the laundromat is more than cleaning clothes. It was an incredible opportunity to share the Lord Jesus Christ with the lost and dying.

Drew sought to share Jesus but was rejected harshly. Others such as Quinton, Kyle, and Ricky held lengthy conversations centered on King Jesus. We are to share Jesus and leave the heart change up to the Holy Spirit. Amy G. and Taylor got to share their hearts with a confessing believer. All in all laundry day was amazing. We as a collective group need prayer to balance the washing clothes part with the seeking lost souls part!

The day went by pretty fast. It is crazy to think that this Wednesday we will be departing for tour, and into the path God has laid out for us. Pray that students and leaders both walk in the good deeds God the Father has prepared for us. We need prayer. Paul thanked various church bodies for struggling along with him through prayer! Pray for health as some students have been really tired! We all need the strength which God provides. God bless!

OB June 19, 2011 – Happy Father’s Day
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Happy Father’s Day Dads!!!!!  We trust you  got a special call of love and thanks from your special OBer today!

It’s been almost a week since we all have gathered here in Maryland and we had some amazing opportunities to share and utilize some of the ministry tools the students have been learning all week.

The morning began early with 83 kids looking sharp in their pink, green, and blue formal outfits.  The OBers would be responsible for our host church’s services for the morning with choir songs, speech choir, and testimonies.  All glory and praise to God for the amazing talents and stories that God has given all of these students.

OBers put their faith into practice mingling and conversing with members of the church before, after, and during the service.  We were also extremely blessed to have Grace College provide lunch and Rita’s after the service.

The rest of the day was filled with hard work and focus as the students continued to work in 3 groups on puppets, pantomimes, and dramas.  The students, afterwards, spent time in teams with runs to Wal-Mart, dinner, and an exercise in teamwork making dinner for all the students on a team with just two dollars a student.

Team time was filled with bonding and also outreach as several students proudly and boldly began to share their faith with the public of Waldorf.  The gospel was furthered and OBers are beginning to understand what it is to live out God’s command in their lives to be Him to a lost world.



OB June 18 – A Talented Bunch!
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Today ended with a bang, as each of the three teams participated in respective talent shows, showcasing the abilities of the team members.  Some of the OBers shared musical pieces, while others shared talents like juggling and dancing.  All around, we were surprised and amazed at the abilities that were shared tonight!

Michael G. and Josh B. presented a comical skit that mimicked the interaction between the leaders and students here at orientation, Ashton C. signed to a worship song, and Vanessa and Tori acted out a skit sharing the gospel with children.  Vanessa T. and Victoria M. shared a drama about the parable of the sower in Matthew 13, taking a different twist by acting like hillbilly farmers!  Aaron P. presented an original song called “Crushin’ On You” and Jessica K. sang acappella, something that she had never done before, and did a wonderful job.  There is so much talent here!

Earlier today, the students organized their testimonies and shared them with each other in preparation for times when they might share this summer.  Teams continued to polish their choir songs, puppets, dance routines, skits, and speech choir today, bringing together what they have been taught and growing more excited for how they will use these skills for ministry on tour this summer.

We look forward to being involved in the church service here at Grace Church of Waldorf tomorrow morning!