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OB, Blue Ridge Parkway Team, July 24 – A Perfect Ending.

What a joyous day today! The Blue Ridge Parkway Team kicked off the morning with the other two teams at the Grace Church at Columbus, worshiping with the members of the church during both services. The services were full of dancing, singing, puppetry, and testimonies, all focusing on the greatness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It was such a blessing to spend the morning at GBC of Columbus!

We grabbed lunch and headed off to Wooster, OH where we set up and rehearsed for the Adult Conference that is being hosted at the GBC there: “Vision 2020”. Once the pastors and other attenders began arriving, our students struck up conversations and made them feel welcome. After a brief informational meeting and dinner, our team headed back to the children’s ministry area and presented a program to the kids who came along with their family. It was a wonderful, joyful time, and the leaders even joined in on the fun! After we were finished, we stuck around for the ice cream social that the conference provided, and then we loaded up the bus and headed back to Worthington. One full day left, and we’re already starting to get a little reminiscent…it’s been a great summer.

OB, Blue Ridge Parkway Team, July 23 – I like it very MULCH!

Our morning reunion with our fellow Barnabas members (since all three of our teams are here in the Columbus area) was a great way to start off our busy day today! In preparation for leading the services at GBC of Columbus tomorrow, all three teams got together to run through some details. After all of that was taken care of, we entered into a time of debriefing until noon. TK taught the students about taking what they have learned back into their churches, youth groups, schools, and families. Once our debriefing time was finished, our team grabbed a quick lunch and headed out to Mt. Sterling, a community about 45 minutes away from where we are staying. We met Pastor Mac and staff of Sterling Grace Church, a church plant that is officially being recognized as part of the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches on Tuesday. It was so exciting to meet them and talk about ministry in the Mt. Sterling community and what it’s like to be a growing church like they are. We were able to go into the surrounding community and take a survey (door to door) with as many people as we could, also talking to them about Sterling Grace and the opportunities within the church. We returned for a wonderful dinner provided by the church and then we set off again to serve the community by weeding and mulching several flower beds in the area. It was hard work, but a great time with the team in ministry! We were so encouraged by the members of the Sterling Grace tonight, and everyone was so joyful as we headed back to Worthington. Today was a great day.

OB, Blue Ridge Parkway Team, July 22 – This is my SCHOOL!

We have departed from Norton and have arrived in Columbus, OH…or Worthington to be more precise. For all of our Worthington Christian students, this is familiar territory because we are staying at their high school. After the students arrived at the church from their host homes, they spent the first part of the morning in God’s word, reading Psalm 136 and then responding by writing their own “Psalm 136” based on their lives and this summer. Repeating the phrase “His love endures forever” was an impacting and humbling exercise and practice. We spent the rest of the morning in Norton engaging some of the kids from the church and other youth with a program at a local park. It was a little different to have a program in the morning, but the students were energetic and ministered to the group in an awesome way.

Upon return to the church, we shared one final meal with the youth and then departed for Columbus! Our trip was smooth and uneventful, and we settled into the high school once we arrived. We then spent some time sharing about this morning’s time with God…the students shared some powerful writings on their lives and what they have experienced and how God has remained true to them. It is incredible to see our Lord’s faithfulness! We then proceeded to take some time to get ready in preparation for a nice night out at Olive Garden. We had a great time with each other at the restaurant and returned to the school very full and very happy! We look forward to ministry tomorrow!

OB, Blue Ridge Parkway Team, July 21 – Slushie On, Slushie Off.

Another full day here in Norton, OH, as we prepare for our travels to our final destination of Columbus! We started our morning by having the students fill out some paperwork on their thoughts about the summer, what they’ve learned, what they’ve enjoyed, what they thought could be improved, and the like. We followed their reflection time with a teaching time lead by Matt R. on leadership.

We enjoyed lunch out together, and had some great opportunities to initiate conversations with people in McDonald’s. We returned to the manual labor projects that we began yesterday, and had an awesome time getting work accomplished and spending time with the youth from Norton. Once we returned to the church, we shared dinner together, prepared by wonderful members of the church, and then we headed to a nearby park and put on a park program. It was great to interact with the members of the community who were there and spend time engaging people with the gospel tonight. The students were super excited and energetic, and it was awesome to see that in them as they ministered. As we wrap up our time here in Norton, we look forward to what is to come in Columbus!

OB, Blue Ridge Parkway Team, July 20 – Megahand…SMASHTON!

Our first full day in Norton, OH, and a great one to boot! We began our morning with manual labor, some of the students going into town to do some house refurbishing, others to a local school to do weeding and general clean up, while the rest stayed here at the church to paint and work on VBS items for the upcoming ministry. During the afternoon, the students spent an hour with God and then had a panel question and answer time with the leaders, talking about gray area topics and other questions that the students offered. We then enjoyed dinner with some of the students from the youth group here and then joined with the rest of the youth for their normal youth group time. The Barnabas students shared a program with the youth including testimonies from Jack P., Kayla W., Jessica J., and Matt T. After we finished, the students spent some time getting to know the youth a little better, and then headed off to their respective host homes! Hello, good night sleep!