Team Empire’s Last Day of Ministry

Team Empire’s Last Day of Ministry July 25, 2010

As posted before, Friday was our day off and we definitely needed some time to relax and focus on God whole heartedly. The day entailed lots of teaching time and reading scripture. In the afternoon, the leaders yet again surprised the students with a trip to the river containing both a beach and sand volleyball court. Students were thrilled beyond measure and we did lots of swimming and playing beach volleyball. Mallory, Kiara, and Rachel took the time to still minister to people on the beach by seeking out conversations. Way to Go Girls, even on their day off they took the time to minister. For dinner, we all got to get dressed up and head to Olive Garden for some amazing bread-sticks and pasta. What a great day!

Saturday, we were still in Powell and were able to spend our last day in ministry doing manual labor of anything from pulling weeds to cleaning all the nursery toys. The morning was good but we packed up and headed to Worthington where we did our debriefing. For the rest of the day it involved students doing self evaluations and leaders meeting with each student individually for exit interviews. Then Stacie and Matt did a teaching time on what it means to be in a true Christian dating relationship. Students were sent to bed early so they could wake up bright and early for a church service with the other two teams.

5:15 am is the time we woke up and got ready to hit the road for our very last church service. We headed to West Milton where we were greeted with a down pour of rain. Tidewater and Colonial teams joined up with us to do a three team program. All the students were very excited to be together again. For Sunday School, Josh and Shane led a Bible reading time through Jonah, along with discussion questions. It was a very powerful and energetic church service and all of us leaders were proud of how well the students really set the pace. The rest of the day consisted of teaching time with TK where he explained the process of going home and the challenges that they would face. We split up again into teams where we ate dinner at Matt’s favorite restaurant Chipotle, very yummy! It is the last evening of Operation Barnabas 2010 and it is time for students to spend some time doing communion and candle light commitment time. To me personally, I love the candle light commitment time because each student and leader take the time to share with the whole group of what they are committing to when they get home. We all are making commitments and plan on having the others keep us accountable. There were lots of tears and hugs but Team Empire is ready to go home and share the love of Jesus with everyone they meet.

Well it has been a great summer and I hope you all have enjoyed the blog. It has been a stretching experience for me and glad I was given the opportunity. Thanks for taking the time to read and we hope to meet again in the future.

Our last night together at Worthington Grace!

P.S. There will not be pictures due to the fact that if the students ordered a picture CD, they will be on that.

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