Tidewater is Tired…July 24, 2010

Hello blogging world!!

We….are…exahusted!!!  But loving every minute of it.  100% true story.  Well…maybe 98% true story, to be honest.  But loving it none the less.

Yesterday was our last day of ministry and it was fabulously awesome and super fun.  Don’t you worry your precious little hearts.  You WILL have an update on our day, but that will come tomorrow.

Today was a LOOOOOONG but productive and ridiculously encouraging day at Easton Mall doing exit interviews with the students.  Have you ever spent an ENTIRE day, as in ten hours in a mall?  No?  Well, you should  It’s awesome. Updates on exit interviews will come later as well.

But for now, we have about four hours left to sleep before a very early morning for our last Sunday morning program.  That means that we are all going to hit our beds and get some sweet slumber so we can enjoy our last day for Operation Barnabas 2010.  Last day.  Wow.

Shout out to Mark Artrip for,  well… a) being Mark Artrip.  b) being hilarious.  c) the frozen yogurt.  d) your hospitality.  e) entertaining us.

From Powell, Ohio…Goodnight!

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