It’s a bittersweet time…

Thursday and Friday – July 22 & 23

The last 2 days have been full of excitement and bitter-sweet late nights for Team Colonial. Because of the late nights, we didn’t post last night! So here it goes…two days’ worth of activities!

Thursday morning, students arrived with all of their luggage at the Brookville church. After we loaded the Penske and did our hour with God, Pastor Brian “took over” as team leader for a few hours. He led the team in a few team-building activities, including trying to fit fifteen growing teenagers on a bucket eighteen inches in diameter, and shooting balloons with bi-bi guns. It was a fun morning had by all. He also gave the students an encouraging pep talk to continue their walk with God as strong when they return home as they are now.

At noon, leaders surprised students with a “fancy” lunch at Kay’s Restaurant, a local hot spot. They were very excited to eat a home-cooked meal of carved turkey and ham, green beans, scalloped potatoes, rolls, and yummy pie! It was probably the best meal we’ve had all summer. After lunch, we returned to the church to change into our bathing suits to prepare for an afternoon at the “beach.” This beach was actually a pond at a former OB student’s house, and it was the most awesome pond ever. There was a pier with a diving board, a paddle boat, a small sandy beach, and lots of inflatable rafts. We ate snacks and fellowshipped with the youth group for a couple of hours before returning to the church for dinner.

After saying our goodbyes to the Brookville youth group at the pond, we went back to the church for a dinner of homemade pizza. From 6:30-8:00 we served at My Servant’s Hands, the church’s own food and clothing bank. Students talked to many people that evening, and a young girl was even saved due to a conversation she had with Zoe! Some students helped out in the food bank by putting together bags of food, restocking shelves, and helping families find clothing in their sizes. Still other students cleaned the church bathrooms and classrooms. Our last hours at Brookville were awesome!

At 8:30, we departed the church and headed north toward Columbus, OH. We will be staying at the Worthington Christian High school for the remainder of debriefing. After arriving at the church, we had the opportunity to participate in one of the most fun nights of each summer: Girl/Guy talk! During this time, the female leaders meet with the boy students and the male leaders meet with the girls. Students can ask of leaders any question that they want to! It was such a fun time and the questions lasted well into the night.

Today we were able to sleep in a little bit and spend some time as a team this morning. Students are given evaluation forms to fill out at the end of tour each year, and today was the day for our team! After filling out these evaluations, we departed from the school and headed to Andy Wirt’s house. Andy is the senior pastor of Clearview Church, a new church plant in the New Albany, Ohio, area. When arriving at his home, we met Andy, his wife Trish, and their two sons and daughter, whom we loved! We canvassed for most of the afternoon, passing out flyers for our program this evening. At 5 PM, we went to a local pizza and sub joint for dinner. All agreed that the pizza and fellowship were both amazing.

By 6 PM we were back on the road again and on our way to the pavilion where we would put on our last program as a team. The pavilion in downtown Gahanna, Ohio, was a really neat space to put on a program. We had a beautiful stage that opened up to a courtyard area which was surrounded by restaurants, shops, and fountains. It was beautiful! Our program went off without a hitch and many attendees stuck around afterwards for snow cones, popcorn, and fellowship. It was a bittersweet time for our team knowing that this was the last time we would participate in a program together as a team.

After cleaning up the area and loading the bus back up, leaders again surprised the team with a trip to Grater’s, a local ice cream shop. It was nice to get a late-night treat before returning to the school to turn in for the night. I can’t believe that this summer with all of these awesome students is already coming to an end!

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