Final Countdown…July 22, 2010

Today, Team Tidewater did what it does best:

1)    Travel for long periods of time between states.

2)    Canvass neighborhoods with thousands of homes in record time in record temperatures.

3)    Have a program.

4)    Mingle mingle mingle.

5)    Love new host families.

1)    Adios Hoosiers…Hola again Buckeyes!  We left Columbia City, Indiana, bright and early this morning for a long ride back to the Columbus, Ohio, area.

2)    We arrived in Dublin, Ohio, and met the pastors family for Encounter Church – a church plant off of Grace Church in Powell.  The afternoon was devoted to passing out flyers for an evening program in the neighborhood.  Students split up into group of three and hit the ground running…even in the ridiculous humidity and freak rain storms.  (What’s with Ohio weather anyways?  Sunny one moment and pouring down rain the next.  Make up your mind, sky!!)  It was only a few hours before the Tartan Fields Neighborhood was covered with brightly colored flyers for the program to come just a few short hours later.

3)    We waited for the random rain storm to pass, prayed that another storm would not follow, ate a delicious pizza dinner courtesy of Encounter, and had a heart to heart with the Fields family about the history and vision of Encounter.  We set up our puppet stage in the backyard of an awesome house and had our final park program of the summer.  Wow…hard to believe it was the last one!!  CRAZY.  Faith and Cydney both shared their children’s stories and both were incredible!  Way to go girls!  You really did a fabulous, FABULOUS job!  We are so proud.  We pray that the Encounter Church family is able to impact this neighborhood for Christ and change lives in incredible ways!

4)    We mingled…mingled…mingled!  Mingled with people at McDonalds.  Mingled with people on the streets of Dublin.  Mingled with people at the program.  Mingled with the families of our teammates.

5)    The students are off for the night in the some awesome AWESOME host homes.  They are going to be treated well that’s for sure!  Thanks, Encounter for loving these students!!

Tomorrow is our last day of ministry…hard to believe it…but it’s true.  We have a busy day to finish off our summer and we are excited about it!  Please be praying that we finish strong and finish well.  Please also be praying for continued health.  There are some crazy coughs happening up in here!

From Dublin, Ohio…Goodnight!

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