Repeat…July 21, 2010

Today was day three of the Mid Summer Bash (yes…its Bash, not Blast as we have commonly referred to it as…oops!).  It was fun.

Even more kids came.  It was fabulous.

Tim A. led a child to the Lord.  It was a time of rejoicing.

We finished the painting.  It was celebrated.

We took showers.  It was refreshing.

We had a potluck dinner with the congregation.  It was delicious.

Many friends and family members showed up tonight.  It was awesome.

We lead the Wednesday night Gathering here at Community of Hope.  It was incredible.

Zach K. gave his sermon.  It was remarkable.

Elizabeth S. shared her children’s story.  It was sweet.

Q&A…guys with girl leaders & girls with guy leaders.  It was insightful.

It is now the end of the day.  We are exhausted.

Tomorrow we travel back to Ohio.  It will be long.

Shout out to Caleb for helping Tidewater students start difficult conversations and challenging them to always look for opportunities everywhere!

Please pray for Tidewater…for a strong finish this summer…for health…for a passion for the Lord…for hearts of servants…and for continued growth.

We have loved our time here at Community of Hope in Columbia City.  Thank you so much for allowing us to serve alongside you and for encouraging us.  May God continue to bless the ministry happening here in your community.  We will never forget our stay here.

From Columbia City, Indiana…Goodnight!

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