Day of Challenges!

Day of Challenges! July 21, 2010

Team Empire was blessed with a day to sleep in an extra hour. Students were not required to be at the church until 10 am. It was so good to see them come in so refreshed after a longer amount of sleep.

We spent the morning doing our devotions and teaching times. Ashley discussed the importance of self discipline challenging the students to think through what it really means to take up the cross and follow Christ. If they were to go to sleep at night would they be able to say they put up the good fight and have no regrets from the day or would there be regrets.

Lindsey talked about the Heart of Worship where we as humans take control of our lives and in Romans there are passages explaining that we need to surrender our whole beings to Him in order to really follow Christ. Students responded to them both in a way that made them think about their lives and how they were going to live them and our prayer as leaders is that they would live their whole lives for Christ.

The second episode of the Way of the Master was shown to the students tying in with self discipline. Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron were challenging the students to think through evangelism on the next level. Yes people make decisions but how can we encourage them to go a step further in the person’s decision. This tied back into self discipline, where the students need to ask themselves did they put their full effort into the day to ensure that someone has a relationship with Jesus Christ or did they see the opportunity and ignored it.

To prepare for our program, the students went canvassing throughout the entire town inviting as many people as they possibly could to the church. One group, however, got to encourage the church some more, by finishing painting a room they had started yesterday. Later, the pastor and his wife took the team to a park where they were able to share their testimonies with the team and how God has been impacting their lives lately. What an encouragement to us, in finding out how God got them here and what He has been teaching them lately.

The evening ended with a scrumptious meal provided by the church congregation followed by a great program with lots of kids, and some were ones that got the flyers today. Praise God! Leah and Heidi were able to share their children’s stories with the group and did an excellent job at it. The cross illustration was presented by Brent as well.

It was a great day of ministry but our tour is still not done yet. Tomorrow we head to Columbus to a center called Happy Hearts, a ministry for disabled families. This stop will really be a stretching experience but we are excited to see what God has in store for us.

Saying good night from the border of Indiana and Ohio!

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