Team Empire ready to Set and Spike!

Team Empire ready to Set and Spike July 20, 2010

Time to rise and shine again for a bright and early shower at the YMCA. Then we cleaned up and headed out from Basore Road Grace Brethren Church and drove down the road to Union City to minister at Daystar Grace Brethren Church. We were welcomed with open arms and a lunch of sandwiches for us when we arrived. Students spread out and got to meet a few members of the congregation and youth group. Interacting with the congregation, we were able to find out the history of the church and even meet some of the members that started the church a little less than ten years ago.

The afternoon is where students were encouraged to really shine when it comes to manual labor. They were told that leaders were dropping them off at their location and they needed to find out what needed to get done and start conversations with different church members. Students were divided up into groups where some painted, pulled weeds, and cleaned animal cages. We as leaders were proud of the students for setting the pace and making sure that the task got done efficiently while interacting with people. It was a stretching experience for the students by not having direction from the leaders but instead they took the initiative to get the job done.

After a hard day of manual labor, we were invited over to the founders of the church house where they fed us some pizza and let us play some volleyball. While playing we did encounter a bit of rain but that did not stop the students from interacting with the congregation and playing many games of volleyball. It was a great day of ministry and we are excited to see what God has in store for us tomorrow here at Daystar Grace Brethren Church.

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