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Tidewater is Tired…July 24, 2010

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

Hello blogging world!!

We….are…exahusted!!!  But loving every minute of it.  100% true story.  Well…maybe 98% true story, to be honest.  But loving it none the less.

Yesterday was our last day of ministry and it was fabulously awesome and super fun.  Don’t you worry your precious little hearts.  You WILL have an update on our day, but that will come tomorrow.

Today was a LOOOOOONG but productive and ridiculously encouraging day at Easton Mall doing exit interviews with the students.  Have you ever spent an ENTIRE day, as in ten hours in a mall?  No?  Well, you should  It’s awesome. Updates on exit interviews will come later as well.

But for now, we have about four hours left to sleep before a very early morning for our last Sunday morning program.  That means that we are all going to hit our beds and get some sweet slumber so we can enjoy our last day for Operation Barnabas 2010.  Last day.  Wow.

Shout out to Mark Artrip for,  well… a) being Mark Artrip.  b) being hilarious.  c) the frozen yogurt.  d) your hospitality.  e) entertaining us.

From Powell, Ohio…Goodnight!

Final Countdown…July 22, 2010

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Today, Team Tidewater did what it does best:

1)    Travel for long periods of time between states.

2)    Canvass neighborhoods with thousands of homes in record time in record temperatures.

3)    Have a program.

4)    Mingle mingle mingle.

5)    Love new host families.

1)    Adios Hoosiers…Hola again Buckeyes!  We left Columbia City, Indiana, bright and early this morning for a long ride back to the Columbus, Ohio, area.

2)    We arrived in Dublin, Ohio, and met the pastors family for Encounter Church – a church plant off of Grace Church in Powell.  The afternoon was devoted to passing out flyers for an evening program in the neighborhood.  Students split up into group of three and hit the ground running…even in the ridiculous humidity and freak rain storms.  (What’s with Ohio weather anyways?  Sunny one moment and pouring down rain the next.  Make up your mind, sky!!)  It was only a few hours before the Tartan Fields Neighborhood was covered with brightly colored flyers for the program to come just a few short hours later.

3)    We waited for the random rain storm to pass, prayed that another storm would not follow, ate a delicious pizza dinner courtesy of Encounter, and had a heart to heart with the Fields family about the history and vision of Encounter.  We set up our puppet stage in the backyard of an awesome house and had our final park program of the summer.  Wow…hard to believe it was the last one!!  CRAZY.  Faith and Cydney both shared their children’s stories and both were incredible!  Way to go girls!  You really did a fabulous, FABULOUS job!  We are so proud.  We pray that the Encounter Church family is able to impact this neighborhood for Christ and change lives in incredible ways!

4)    We mingled…mingled…mingled!  Mingled with people at McDonalds.  Mingled with people on the streets of Dublin.  Mingled with people at the program.  Mingled with the families of our teammates.

5)    The students are off for the night in the some awesome AWESOME host homes.  They are going to be treated well that’s for sure!  Thanks, Encounter for loving these students!!

Tomorrow is our last day of ministry…hard to believe it…but it’s true.  We have a busy day to finish off our summer and we are excited about it!  Please be praying that we finish strong and finish well.  Please also be praying for continued health.  There are some crazy coughs happening up in here!

From Dublin, Ohio…Goodnight!

Repeat…July 21, 2010

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Today was day three of the Mid Summer Bash (yes…its Bash, not Blast as we have commonly referred to it as…oops!).  It was fun.

Even more kids came.  It was fabulous.

Tim A. led a child to the Lord.  It was a time of rejoicing.

We finished the painting.  It was celebrated.

We took showers.  It was refreshing.

We had a potluck dinner with the congregation.  It was delicious.

Many friends and family members showed up tonight.  It was awesome.

We lead the Wednesday night Gathering here at Community of Hope.  It was incredible.

Zach K. gave his sermon.  It was remarkable.

Elizabeth S. shared her children’s story.  It was sweet.

Q&A…guys with girl leaders & girls with guy leaders.  It was insightful.

It is now the end of the day.  We are exhausted.

Tomorrow we travel back to Ohio.  It will be long.

Shout out to Caleb for helping Tidewater students start difficult conversations and challenging them to always look for opportunities everywhere!

Please pray for Tidewater…for a strong finish this summer…for health…for a passion for the Lord…for hearts of servants…and for continued growth.

We have loved our time here at Community of Hope in Columbia City.  Thank you so much for allowing us to serve alongside you and for encouraging us.  May God continue to bless the ministry happening here in your community.  We will never forget our stay here.

From Columbia City, Indiana…Goodnight!

Here We Go Again…July 20, 2010

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Day two at the Mid Summer Blast was, in a word, incredible. And while this is not an exhaustive list…here are a few reasons why:

1) The temperature was cool.

2) Over 20 new faces showed up for the fun…which means over 20 new faces heard the Gospel message. P-awesome!

3) OB students were described as, “extremely hard workers”, “ready to dive in”, “energetic” and “encouraging.

4) Everyone had a blast…and since that word is in the name of the event, it is practically necessary that people have a blast. Three cheers for a super fun blast filled event!! Hip hip hurray! Hip hip hurray! Hip hip hurray!

5) One child prayed to receive Christ…and word came back that two children prayed yesterday! Praise the Lord for new brothers and sisters!!

We ate at Wendy’s for lunch…and wow, what a testimony Tidewater students had in that little restaurant this afternoon! Literally every single person was in conversation with an OBer. Rachel A. and Gabi B. were seen praying with a family of four. Shawn M. and Cydney V. were falling out of their chairs laughing uncontrollably during a conversation with a local pastor who happened to be eating lunch. He. Was. HILARIOUS. Ashley K. invited a woman to the program here at Hope Community tomorrow night and we are pretty sure she was genuine when she said she’d be here. So not only was lunch delicious…it was also glorifying to the Lord and stretching for the students. Check! It is awesome to see the OBers truly understand what it means to love others as Christ would love them…and then to put that into action. So awesome. SO SO awesome.

After lunch, leader Sara taught on placing our identity in Christ and not in anything else. We talked about the importance of knowing who we are as sons and daughters of the Almighty God and what a life lived in that truth looks like. Sara shared her testimony of placing her identity in grades, friends, success, family etc…and struggling through the exhaustion that comes along with that. She challenged the students to examine their hearts and seek to place their identity 100% in Christ…because as Ephesians 1 states, we are chosen, forgiven, justified, adopted and loved by the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. What more could we possibly want or need??? Students were challenged to see their lives as instruments of the Lord and not as a personal little story that they want to write out because a life lived for the glory of the Lord and submitted to Him is ridiculously freeing compared to looking for identity anywhere else. True story.

Then…we painted…and painted…and painted…and painted some more. Jared R. and Nathan P. finished cleaning the windows. Gabi B., Chelsey S. and a few guys worked hard making the outside courtyard look brand new. And the rest of us…well…we all painted. We painted a plethora of walls, a few t-shirts, Rachel S’s hair, Bekah K’s face, Tim A’s face, and who knows what else. They had fun, they worked hard and they finished all of the tasks that were set before them. Way to go Tidewater.  Way to be a Barnabas.

Tonight we celebrated Jelly’s birthday (and Rachel A’s birthday which is tomorrow) with a DELICIOUS dinner courtesy of Mrs. Adriensen. And an even more delicious birthday cake that had our team picture on it!! WE LOVE BIRTHDAYS!!

The students are all currently in a time of prayer for our team, our ministry, our health and this church. Thank you for joining us in this! We are battling some colds right now and need all the prayer for strength and endurance that we can get!

Tomorrow is our final day of Mid Summer Blast…praying that it is even better than today!!!

From Columbia City, Indiana…Goodnight!

One to Ten

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Shout out to Caleb, Henry, Cassie, Adriane and that lady from Utah.  Rock on.

Play, Paint, Party…July 19, 2010

Monday, July 19th, 2010

One day down…two to go!  The first day of Mid-Summer Blast was a smashing success.  And by smashing success…we mean RADICALLY AWESOME!  No joke.  So maybe the temperature was soaring…but so were spirits and energy.  Tidewater OBers were quick to jump into service this morning and helped set up the playing fields quickly and efficiently.  Tim and Rachel S. worked the registration table and greeted the kids with an enthusiastic smile.  From there, the kids went to the first activity of their choice…then an OB program…and then to a second activity of their choice.  Options included volleyball, tennis, basketball, kickball, T-ball, golf, crazy games and awesome magic tricks.  Chelsey and Rachel A. were in their element swinging their tennis rackets for the first time in months as they helped little kids learn the sport.  Sara got some much needed practice time on the volleyball court as she was her crazy energetic self teaching some volleyball tricks.  Nathan is a self proclaimed “beast of basketball” and loved dribbling around with the little ones.  Mitchell assisted on the golf course and did an awesome job.  Gabi was overcome with joy when she found out she would be tearing it up on the soccer field…kids and soccer = two of her favorite things.  Zack and Elizabeth lead the crazy games…thank goodness they paid attention during OB Orientation and knew some crazy games!  Shawn O. did a RIDICULOUS card trick that we are STILL attempting to understand…and Kari C. wore a wedding gown to tell the story of Jesus turning the water into wine in John 2.  Kari playing dress up in an outfit SUPER girly…now there’s something we thought we’d never see!!  But she was awesome!

The kids all had a blast and all heard the Gospel message.  Tidewater OBers were seen talking about Jesus all morning and sharing the cross illustration.  They had good discussions with the kids at Mid-Summer Blast and started to build relationships that will carry through the next three days.  May God work in the hearts of these kids and may He use Tidewater to help His Kingdom grow this week.  Many props to Hope Community and their partner churches for organizing such a fantastic event…we are excited to have two days left!!

This afternoon Todd and Sara lead a discussion and teaching time on spiritual gifts.  Each student took a little test/survey to see which gifts God has blessed their life with…we talked about how to properly use the gifts to bring glory to the Lord and become more like Jesus.  Many students had never discovered their gifts before and were excited for the insight…may they now go forward using these gifts to the best of their ability as they live a life serving the Lord with everything they are.  All the glory to God as we, the church body, work together to accomplish His will…

The final part of our day is none other than a much loved afternoon of some hard manual labor.  As this blog is being composed in the hallway of Hope Community there is a swarm of activity in all directions.  To the left, John P. is high up on a ladder washing one of the hundreds of floor to ceiling windows.  Straight ahead, Mitchell and Rich are outside in a courtyard washing even more windows…and apparently talking about something hilarious because they are both laughing.  To the left Gabi, Tim, Bekah, Janna, Jess and friends are painting a hallway.  And a few minutes ago…”Our God” came on the radio and the halls of this church were immediately filled with a plethora of beautiful voices singing praises to the Almighty God.  Now…they are singing puppet songs.  It’s not often you find 30 highschool students so joyously doing chores and hard work…but Tidewater students aren’t any old highschool students.  They love the Lord…they love others…they love serving…and they love having fun.  Praise God that they are able to serve with such joyful and energetic hearts.  Right now they are completing work that would take a few people WEEKS to accomplish…and they are having so much fun.  They are an encouragement to everyone around them.

Today has been a good day…correction, a P-awesome day…may God continue to be glorified in and through us as students go home with their host families in just a little while for dinner and fellowship.

Thank you for your continued prayers…a few of us are battling colds/coughs and we are praying that they disappear as quickly as they showed up this last week.  We are also praying that even more kids come to the park tomorrow for Day 2!

(Special shout out to Janet, the BEST host shower for leaders EVER in the history of host showers for leaders.  Thank you SOOOO much for your overwhelming hospitality and generosity.  The gifts, the card, the omelets, the cinnamon rolls, your cheerful spirit, your Godly example, your encouragement, your prayers…you are a blessing!  Words can’t express just how much Tidewater leaders grew to love you this morning…God used you to encourage us…know that we will continue to pray for you.  You are seriously the BEST.)

From Columbia City, IN…have a rockin’ awesome evening!

A Day in the Life Of…July 18, 2010

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Tidewater Morning:

We weren’t even at Huber Heights for 24 hours…in fact, we were barely even there for TWELVE hours…but my oh my did they treat us well.  With a late service time of 11am, we were able to sleep in (clarification…”sleeping in” on OB means waking up at 7am instead of 6:30am…) and have a little time to recuperate from a long week at Momentum.  With warm showers to clean up and a delicious breakfast to eat up we hit the day running.  Nathan P. gave a sermon on the importance of prayer and Brittany H. shared her children’s story.  We are so SO proud of both of these students…Nathan, you overcame your nervousness and did a fabulous (and hilarious) job opening the Scriptures.  Keep up the good work…live out your faith in a passionate way!  And Brit Brit…wow!!  You have FAR surpassed our expectations this summer…and you were awesome at your story…even when that little boy wouldn’t stop talking about the TV in his room that keeps him from being scared of the dark.  J  Nate…Brit…you rock.  We loved interacting with the Huber Heights congregation…they were super fun and crazy friendly!

Tidewater Afternoon:

MEXICAN FOOD!!!!!!!!  Leaders Sara and Amy, as native Southern California girls, have been CRAVING a good Mexican homecooked meal for weeks.  Literally.  And today was the day!!  Muchas gracias to our new amiga, Jessica, and her remarkable cooking abilities.  Also…muchas gracias for being from Texas and knowing how to make enchiladas.  They.  Were.  DELECTABLE!!!  Best lunch ever.  100% true story.  After our tummies were full of Mexican goodness, we boarded our home away from home, Big Blue…said adios to the Buckeyes and hola to the Hoosiers…survived a remarkable thunder storm (well…everyone/everything survived except for one poor windshield wiper that fell victim to the harsh rain.  Sad day.)…and rolled into Columbia City, Indiana.

Tidewater Evening:

MEXICAN FOOD!!!!!!!  Leaders Sara and Amy, as native Southern California girls, were CRAVING a good Mexican homecooked meal ever since lunch!!  Literally.  Two perfect meals in one perfect day??  Awesome.  This time it was Jeremy & Tonya Wike who came to the rescue with the tortillas and the salsa.  Hurray and gracias!  Also, gracias Tonya, from being from California and knowing how to make tacos!  We spent the rest of the evening going over our plans for the next few days.  This stop is going to keep us busy in the most awesome of ways.  Hope Community Church is partnering with three other local churches to run a day camp in the park.  Tidewater students will be assisting with volleyball, tennis, T-ball, golf, crazy games, basketball and programming for the three day morning camp.  It sounds super exciting and we are anxious to see what God has in store for this event!  Hope Community has been diligently preparing and planning for Mid-Summer Blast for months upon months…and it’s finally here!!  Tidewater is stoked to be a part of it!

Tidewater Late Night:

Host homes, bouncy balls and craziness.

We are praying that a multitude of children come to the park this week for Mid-Summer Blast and that they will be open to hearing the Gospel and will understand Jesus’ love for them.  We are praying that Tidewater students will overflow with the love, peace and joy of Christ as they interact with the children.  We are praying for gorgeous weather here in Indiana…and for health and safety as we do crazy athletic things in the gorgeous weather.

From Columbia City, IN…Goodnight!!

Reunited…And it Feels So GOOD!!…July 17, 2010

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

Momentum is over…and Tidewater is back on the road.  Can you even believe it?!!?  We sure can’t.  Not only has this summer FLOWN by, but this past week at Momentum was over in seemingly record time.  And now…in quick recap fashion, please enjoy a brief synopsis of our past week…

Sunday, July 11 – Question…how long will it take us to get to Momentum today after our Sunday morning program at Penn Valley Grace???

Answer – Well…Dillsburg, PA is about nine hours from Warsaw, IN.  Columbus, OH is three hours from Warsaw.  Subtract three hours because we are not going all the way to Warsaw.  Add one hour because we are going south of Columbus.  Add three hours because we are three hours east of Dillsburg.  Add four hours because we will be driving in a bus.  Subtract 2 hours for….um…something.  Add three hours for lunch, dinner and breaks.  That comes out to…we have NO idea how long it will take!!

Monday July 12 – Friday July 16 – We eventually DID make it to Momentum in the wee hours of Monday morning.  After sleeping in a lobby for a few short hours we jumped right into the activities and excitement of Momentum.  The theme was “Pursuit…let the chase begin!”.  We learned that life should be about pursuing righteousness, love and peace while fleeing from the sins that we are so easily entrapped in.  Students were challenged to live a life that is fully submitted to the Lord and to lay at the foot of the cross all of the fears, worries, challenges and sins that plague their young souls.  Tidewater did a fabulous job mixing and mingling with their youth groups, new friends and conference speakers.  They also set the pace in servanthood and exemplified what the pursuit of righteousness looks like. 

Saturday, July 17 – After an INCREDIBLE Momentum closing session celebrating communion and the marriage supper of the Lamb…we hopped back on Big Blue…reunited and it feels so good!!!  While it has been nice to have a break from the crazy ridiculous schedule of OB and to sleep in the same place for more than two nights…we sure did miss each other immensely!  It is now well after midnight and Tidewater students are still jumping with joy at the sight of each other.  A weeks worth of hugs and laughs take a lot of time to get through!

We are now snuggling into our beds to get some quick sleep tonight so we will be well rested for our last Sunday morning program as a team tomorrow. 

We will now return to our regularly scheduled blog for this, our last week of tour.  LAST WEEK!!!!  Where has this summer gone?!!?!?!  Seriously.  Ridiculous.  Praise God for the things He has done in and through us for the past month…may He continue to be glorified this coming week…may Tidewater students jump right back into ministry and serve their Savior with everything they are. 

We missed you dear blog family…good to be reunited.

From Huber Heights, Ohio…Goodnight!!!

Rain, Rain, Go Away!!!…July 10, 2010

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

Well, our plans for today were turned completely upside down as the floodgates opened and drenched this dry Pennsylvania land with much needed water.  Much needed, but very untimely.  Instead of a park program, manual labor and community outreach at all three Penn Valley campuses we quickly made a Plan B.  We had an extended time with the Lord this morning as the torrential downpour hit the top of the gym roof, followed by another Driscoll sermon on the book of Philippians.  This sermon dealt with finding joy in the midst of exhaustion.  We had an awesome team time discussing times we’ve felt exhausted in our Christian walk, ways in which we are being sanctified day-by-day, and ways in which we are becoming more like Christ as we are stretched and challenged by God to grow.  It’s rad to see how God is changing the hearts and lives of these students.  They will never be the same.

As the rain continued to fall upon Telford, Penn Valley staff and Tidewater leaders fervently discussed alternative ministry opportunities in nearby Quakertown that would allow OB and Penn Valley to make connections with the community but also provide shelter from the storm.  After a delicious BBQ lunch (Thanks, Wade!!!) we found ourselves at the Quakertown Farmers Market…basically a circus of random shops, food and people…basically hilarious…basically crazy…basically awesome.  Students walked around the shops and started conversations with the random people in the random shops.  Several of the girls had the opportunity to pray with some elderly women who were encouraged to see young people sharing their faith and doing good.

We finished up the night hanging out and mingling with the Core Group from the Quakertown Campus at their regular meeting site at Camp Men-o-lan…basically the coolest, most beautiful camp ever in the history of camps.  We spent hours swimming, swinging on awesome porch swings, singing worship songs, playing volleyball & basketball and chatting with the Core Group.  After dinner there was a Corn Hole Tournament won by our very own leaders, Todd & JR!  Way to go guys!  Talk about competition.  Who knew people could be so crazy about a few bean bags and a board?!!?  After celebrating the Corn Hole Tournament with ice cream sundaes, Tidewater and Penn Valley people alike gathered around the campfire for a time of worship and sharing.  It was lovely.

Tomorrow is our last Sunday morning before our LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG drive to Momentum.  And by long, we mean SUPER long.  Please pray for safety as we travel, for focus as we enter a week at Momentum and for God to continue to be glorified in and through us.

From Penn Valley…Goodnight!

On the Road Again…July 9, 2010

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Hello, world!!

Not much to report on today…we spent an hour with God this morning followed by some awesome worship lead by Zach K, John P. and Shawn M.  It was a perfect way to start off our morning…by worshipping our Lord and giving our day over to Him.

Then…we loaded up our luggage and Big Blue and hit the road for yet another travel day.  We stopped at Wendy’s for lunch before leaving Dillsburg in our dust…and it was positively the busiest fast food restaurant in the history of fast food.  No joke.  The line was out the door the entire time and almost every table was occupied.  You better believe that Tidewater students jumped at the opportunity to start conversations and share their faith.  Every single one of those occupied tables had an OBer dining with them.  It was awesome to see the students praying and sharing their lives.  There was even a little girl celebrating her 5th birthday with her family…so naturally, Tidwater sang a beautiful Happy Birthday song for us.  Luckily, she got the real version of the song…and not the typical TideH2O version that is basically a mess of notes that carries no tune or beat.

We spent the rest of the afternoon driving…and driving and driving some more.

When we arrived at Penn Valley Grace, we held an auction for all of the Lost and Found items from the first half of the summer.  It was absolutely ridiculous how many things there were to auction off…and the team made quite a bit of money for the Overage Can.  The winner of the most items auctioned off was none other than Rachel S…and she didn’t even want to pay to get them back so her belongings now find their home in the suitcases of both students and leaders.  Sure hope she finds an extra shirt to wear on Sunday morning!!

The evening ended with dinner (TACO SALAD…Praise the Lord!!  Our resident California girls Sara and Amy have been CRAVING Mexican food for weeks…thank you Penn Valley for the fix!) and time to mingle with the host families.  The pastors from the all 3 campuses of this church were on hand to share their passion for the Lord and their vision for the church and it’s future church plants.  We spent some time in prayer with the Penn Valley family for the upcoming ministries we will be a part of this weekend.

As the students snuggle into their new host homes for a good nights rest, we look forward to what God has prepared for us this weekend.  Penn Valley Grace is going to keep us busy tomorrow, that’s for sure!  We can’t wait!

From Penn Valley, PA…Goodnight!